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Hello all! I am a 22- year old, just trying to navigate life. My blog consists of a little of everything, but I mainly post things from The Mentalist, Castle, Bones, Criminal Minds, and anything else I happen to be watching. I like to think I'm very approachable and friendly, so feel free to leave me a message anytime!

"There’s such a strong love there and I think it comes from a lot of life or death situations together and their chemistry and being able to call each other out on each other’s shit, you know, not everybody does that for you. So, when he said “I love you” to her I think it came from a really honest place and I think that’s his question now, that’s his battle." -Emily Bett Rickards

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I think the fear was if a scene was about some female issue, it was going to have hard jokes. We don’t do subtle little observational things. It’s gotta have hard jokes in it and it has to have some observation with an edge. - Paula Pell (SNL)

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    My name is Katniss Everdeen.
      Why am I not dead? I should be dead.
         It would be best for everyone if I were dead….

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